Listed Below are all our items for the Opel Superboss, Monza or Mk2 Astra 


  • Gsi 16v Seat logos
  • Superboss front brake ducts 
  • Superboss bumper grills
  • Gsi Badges
  • Lic disc holders
  • Full window rubber kits front, rear and sides 
  • Zender style front spoilers
  • Mat sets, Gsi16v, CD 16v,  Gsi8v
  • Sticker kits for : Superboss, Big Boss and Monza 
  • Door rubber beading kits
  • Towing eye covers
  • Seat lever clips
  • Rear wiper motor covers
  • Gearknobs
  • Centre Steering badges
  • Head light clear protectors
  • Honey combo grill
  • Aluett center caps
  • Superboss wheel paint
  • Rear tail pipes
  • Dash speaker covers
  • Rear parcel tray rubbers
  • Radio Autographed blank offs 
  • 4-1 SB spec exhausts
  • Exhaust heat sheilds
  • Clear air snorkels
  • Intake rubber hose
  • Sfi rubber elbow
  • Sfi 4 bolts to throttle
  • Key rings 
  • Posters
  • 200ts Centre caps 
  • 200ts Gearknob inserts


GSI Caps

Opel GSi style zipped hoodies 


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