Knowing the owners and these cars is what makes owning them so special.

These cars have race legacy, both nationally and internationally, with huge cult followings for enthusiasts and collectors, young n old we all know what these car represent.

This particular vehicle had a journey of note, having met the current owner via word of mouth, he asked to source a Big Boss.... Because he had one before and is an opel enthusiast of note having had quite a few already, least to say he is well versed in the opel game.

After a search was done, one was located out in Dundee kzn, in standard form needing some TLC etc, a chat with the very 1st owner in JHB verified a few changes that were made during its life time.

A deal was made and the vehicle moved from Dundee to the mothercity. On arrival.... The restore, ideas, and more started to happen.

J1 introduced Ari to a top class restorer in Cpt, and this landed up to be a long term friendship.

With the assistance, dreams, end goal in mind, Pearly, (as she likes to be known as) was fully stripped.... Bare shell, bolt for bolt, nut for nut panel for panel.

Parts were sourced to make sure all the new parts, ticked all the right boxes for this retro mod restore. The look n feel, the engine note and performance, interior, colour choice, decal kit, zendor lip, period correct tyres, and more.

A full documentation of receipts, photos and more was kept as the process went along, over the period of 2 years plus, she was finally completed.

New everything, new nuts, bolts, clips, suspension, interior material, carpets, mats, ecu, wiring, few add on engine mods to keep up with todays performance, the list goes on.

One cannot just read the spec sheet and understand how much quality time and effort was taken to this finished product, one must drive it, know these cars and understand it. Feel it. Hear it.

Its attened the 2022 SB event, drove from Cpt to Pe and came back with awards.

The restorer, owner and all those involved put in lots of effort. And it shows.


This Gsi 16v is J1 Approved and now ready for its new owner

1991 Opel kadett Gsi 16v

  • Full restore
  • Retro modded
  • Get in and drive
  • For full spec please inbox.
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1991 Opel Kadett Gsi 16v for sale

R350 000,00Price