1989 Opel Kadett 2L 8v Gsi kadett Boss for sale 


To understand this car, we must understand not only the history of these ledgendary cars, but also the owners.

It has been an honor to know all 3 owners of this vehicle since new. 

1st purchased in 1989 at Reeds  in Belville Cape town,  used as a daily and kept his hand on it , in an original state the best he could before it collected dust from being in storage and not used as time when by. 


2nd owner,  this was his first car he had ever owned and saved up for years to purchase a GSi two door in white, and his time had arrived. He purchased the car through J1 Auto and used the car to travel to work, take his wife and kids on road trips etc....and then after a few years, saved up and traded in and upgraded to a bigger car.


The 3rd owner.....this is where what you see before you transpired......after purchasing it from J1, this owner went balls to the wall with a full retro mode restore, using the best support team in the opel trade, managed by J1 as the restore went along , from full bareshell spray, motor rebuilt, re done interior, all new suspension, all new mags and wheels and a full enthusiast Group N kit. 


Now its your turn to take the wheel of this all inspiring vehicle 


The specs are as follows: 


  • Gasflowed and ported head 
  • Upgraded cam 
  • Full stainless steel exhaust system with Cowley branch 
  • New oil, water pumps
  • New alturnator
  • New cam belt
  • F20 long ratio gearbox
  • New clutch kit 
  • 17inch Borbet German Tech mags with new tyres( Michelin Sport Pilots)
  • Sound system
  • Full custom Group N decal kit 
  • Standard FMS

Lots of hard work and effort has gone into this vehicle 


Priced at R150k 


Viewing in is 


1989 Opel Kadett 2L 8V GSi Boss for sale

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R150 000,00Price