BMW’s E9 generation of coupés are probably the finest examples of automotive design ever to leave Munich’s doors. They represent a clear high-water mark in the history of not just German automobiles, but cars in general. What was even more commendable is that the E9 Coupés managed to become even more desirable with each revision and facelift, unlike so many other design greats, such as the Jaguar E-Type for example.

The BMW E9 was launched in October 1968 with the 2800 CS. In 1971 BMW replaced the 2800 CS with the 3.0 CS and increased the engine capacity to 3,0 litres. A few months later the 3.0 CSi with an electronic fuel injection was launched and was followed by the CSL "light-weight" which reduced the weight of the car by 200 kg, thanks to doors and a roof made out of aluminium, the interior was also reduced to a minimum.

The BMW E9 was styled by Wilhelm Hofmeister - creator of the now-famous ‘Hofmeister kink’ - and the bodywork was manufactured by the Karmann Karosserie company.

They were commonly known as the ‘Batmobile’ in racing trim and more notable as the car that established BMW as the “Ultimate Driving Machine” As a racing car, the E9 was very successful in the European Touring Car Championship and the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, especially the 3.0 CSL homologation model.


This extremely well cared for example was originally registered in South Africa in Bloemfontein as a CS in 1971.It was then purchased by an E9 collector in the 90’s and brought to Johannesburg.

When the current owner purchased the vehicle in 2005 the car had been resprayed Avis Blue however the engine bay and boot were untouched and left in its original colour Polaris Silver. The carbs had also been removed and a E23 L-Jetronic fuel injection had been fitted. The L-Jetronic system is a more tuneable system than the D-Jetronic system that the original CSi came out with.   



In 2008 the vehicle went through a bare metal restoration. The interior was stripped out and the engine removed. There were minor rust issues in the doors, floorboards and sills which were cut out and replaced with new panels. The front and rear sub-frames were sand blasted and re-powder coated.


The interior was redone in black leather and all the wood professionally veneered in Cherry wood. The dash was recovered in original style fine grain black vinal. The door panels were in excellent condition, so they were dyed black. The carpets and roof lining were redone in CSL Black spec styling. The car had two speakers in the footwells so the Centre speaker in the wood dash was removed and closed.  




The motor was replaced with a 333i/733i unit. A 282 degree Shrick cam was fitted, new ceramic coated exhaust branches inside and out were fitted along with a full stainless steel exhaust system all done by Hennie Van Der Linde developments’ Getrag 5 speed gear box was fitted with a 635LS Diff and oil cooler from Evolution 2 Motorsport was fitted.


CSL Springs from and rear have been fitted with Bilstein shocks. A thicker front Anti roll bar from a 535i was been fitted along with all the rubbers, bushes, tie rod ends ect being replaced.

1971 3.0 CSI BMW E9 For sale

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